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Winter 2017

Feeling Bloated After The Festivities

Dear Clients, The holiday season is always lots of fun, but come January 1st I’m ready for a break from rich food and festive beverages. It’s easy to get carried…

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Fall 2016

Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!

Dear Clients, There is an inclination that’s common among many investors to constantly be doing some amount of trading. This goes for professional and amateur investors alike. I think this…

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Summer 2016

Jelly Beans, Broccoli and Investing

Dear Clients, Imagine you put a bowl of jelly beans in front of a young child. They’re bright, shiny, and colourful. The child anticipates the delicious sweetness with eagerness. Just…

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Spring 2016

Numbers Speak Louder Than Words

Dear Clients, The end of March of this year marked the five-year anniversary of the launch of Lionridge’s Total Equity Portfolio**. I’m pleased to report success in achieving the dual…

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Winter 2016

The Triumph of Common Sense over Brilliance

Dear Clients, The end of 2015 saw a lot of volatility in the markets that is carrying over into this year. Although I never try to anticipate movements of the…

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Fall 2015

The Tortoise Beats the Hare

Dear Clients, I look to the parable of the Tortoise and the Hare as a metaphor for the contrast between my investment philosophy and the way the broader markets appear…

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