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Fall 2017

Looking for Walmart Prices in a Tiffany Market

Dear Clients, You know that my investment approach involves looking for stocks trading at attractive prices – the kind of deals you’re more likely to find at your neighbourhood Walmart…

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Summer 2017

Trying to Find Winners and Avoid the Dangers

Dear Clients, In managing your money, I’m not investing in “markets”. Rather, I’m using the markets to invest your money in shares of companies – companies that I believe can…

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Spring 2017

Don’t Let Your Savings Go Up In Smoke!

Dear Clients, I waited with anticipation for someone to come out with a marijuana-related fund. Sure enough, the inevitable has occurred. Whenever some trend is occupying the public’s attention, the…

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Winter 2017

Feeling Bloated After The Festivities

Dear Clients, The holiday season is always lots of fun, but come January 1st I’m ready for a break from rich food and festive beverages. It’s easy to get carried…

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Fall 2016

Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!

Dear Clients, There is an inclination that’s common among many investors to constantly be doing some amount of trading. This goes for professional and amateur investors alike. I think this…

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Summer 2016

Jelly Beans, Broccoli and Investing

Dear Clients, Imagine you put a bowl of jelly beans in front of a young child. They’re bright, shiny, and colourful. The child anticipates the delicious sweetness with eagerness. Just…

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