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Winter 2020

Keeping A Hand On A Solid Chair

Keeping A Hand On A Solid Chair At a recent social function I participated in a game of musical chairs for the first time in many years. Everyone has a…

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Fall 2019

The Lionridge Approach to Risk

Equity markets rose modestly in the third quarter of this year. Our benchmark* was up 2.1%, with our Total Equity Portfolio return lagging slightly at 1.8%**. The difference was largely…

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Summer 2019

Trying to Make Sense of What Doesn’t Make Sense

Equity markets were relatively uneventful in the second quarter, compared to the dramatic gyrations of the preceding two quarters. There were no changes to our portfolios other than some rebalancing….

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Spring 2019

Reflections on Twenty Years in the Markets

This month marks twenty years since I started my career in investment management. Upon completing my MBA in 1994 I spent a few years in corporate finance and merchant banking…

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Winter 2019

The Tortoise, The Hare, and The Ostrich

I’ve previously used the old parable of the Tortoise and the Hare as a metaphor for investing. The Hare is analogous to the kind of investor who is trying to…

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Fall 2018

The Lionridge Process in Action

From the perspective of an outside observer, our investment process can seem about as exciting as watching paint dry. We don’t hold a lot of positions, and we don’t do…

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