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Fall 2021

A Couple of Events In An Uneventful Quarter

The explosive gains in the equity markets seen during most of last year and the first part of 2021 were significantly tempered this last quarter ending September 30th. Worries about…

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Summer 2021

How Far Can The Rubber Band Be Stretched?

As we’re sweltering in this heatwave, I’ve been sheltering indoors and pondering thoughts only as big as those that I’m capable of. I spend a great deal of time following…

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Spring 2021

Significant Milestone Validates Lionridge’s Investment Philosophy

I never thought I’d have to explain 12 month returns exceeding 20%. As at March 31st our Total Equity Portfolio returned 23.5% on a rolling 12 month basis. Although I…

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Year End 2020

The Quiet Power of Compounding

2020 was an eventful year on many fronts, including the investment world. Equity markets swooned in the first quarter of the year, only to turn around and go on a…

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Fall 2020

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Investor

I hope everyone is managing well through the Covid situation. I’m sure most of you have moments feeling a little bored because you’re not able to enjoy many of the…

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Summer 2020

Wall Street Fantasies, Main Street Realities

I’ve been of the opinion for some time now that equity markets are overvalued and attractive opportunities are scarce. For the last couple of years, markets have fit a common…

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