What also sets Lionridge apart from most investors is a strong investment discipline. This includes the discipline to buy shares of companies at only what is viewed as the right price and the patience to hold good investments at least until the markets are willing to recognize their true value. Crucial to this is the discipline of avoiding the market noise and hype that plays upon the psychological triggers of fear and greed and can cause investors to make irrational investment decisions. Recognizing these forces which are always at play, Lionridge follows the discipline of acting against the crowd and can thereby take advantage of the psychological factors which affect the markets instead of falling prey to them.

The Lionridge approach is only suitable for investors who understand the distinctions of the Lionridge investment perspective, are willing and able to invest for the long term, and have the discipline to ignore short term market volatility. For these people Lionridge will rise above the noise, ignore the crowds and act independently from a position of strength and knowledge.