The Lionridge Approach

Fundamental Value Investing


What Sets Lionridge Apart?

It’s a matter of perspective. Real increases in wealth can only be earned consistently when investors view the investing process as one of buying pieces of companies at a discount to their intrinsic worth, and holding these investments at least until their value is recognized in the markets. Lionridge refers to this process as fundamental value investing - this is the difference between investing and speculating. Other investment approaches involve trying to pick stocks that will go up in price in the short to mid term for a variety of reasons which may not be related to the fundamental value of the underlying companies. 

Focused on Protecting your Capital.

By the combination of i) buying shares of companies at a discounted price; ii) limiting
investments to companies which are fundamentally sound and run by competent people who
act in the interests of shareholders; iii) having the discipline to hold investments despite short
term volatility in market prices; and iv) limiting the number of investments so that all holdings
can be monitored individually and thoroughly, Lionridge strives to achieve a fundamental
objective; protecting investors' capital from permanent losses.